My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Teases a Terrifying Family Reunion

My Hero Academia has never shied away from the darkest parts of Shigaraki Tomura. Ever since the villain was introduced, the series has made it clear they've got a gnarly past, and My Hero Academia is still diving deeper into their origins. And thanks to a twisted cliffhanger, it seems the series is about to reunite Shigaraki with some faces from the past.

The update comes in chapter 365 if you are not caught up with My Hero Academia. The manga is wading through its final act, and its most recent arc has been hard on Bakugo. Right now, our heroes are trying to save the boy's life, but Shigaraki is determined for Bakugo to die no matter the cost. In his frenzy, the villain unlocks a new part of his mutated power, and chapter 365 ends with Shigaraki's body spawning fleshy replicas of his long-dead family.

And yes, we are totally serious about that. It seems Shigaraki is about to get a family reunion, and it is going to be a cursed one.

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"The more my body adapts to the legion of stockpiled quirks within, along with various environmental factors, my body is searching... groping around for its ideal form," Shigaraki admits just as the chapter ends. "I wasn't broken back then, but it's not like anybody reached out a helping hand to me. It's not like anybody would even look at me!!"

It seems Shigaraki's new obsession with the past is what has brought his dead family back to center stage. His body has a mind of its own now, and all of its fleshy mutations are basically abominations at this point. It is not shocking to see them take shape independently, but no one ever expected Shigaraki's ideal form to be that of his family. Now, fans are eager to see how this unholy reunion goes and whether it gives Shigaraki some of the closure he's needed for so long.

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