My Hero Academia Star Joins New Season of Beastars

Beastars and My Hero Academia could not be more different when they are compared to one another as anime series, but it seems as if one of the most popular students at UA Academy will be joining the anthropomorphic classmates of the Netflix original series for season two! With the next season of the anime continuing the mystery that was established in season one, having yet to reveal the identity of the killer that has been taking a bite out of "prey", season two is definitely highly anticipated when it comes to the Netflix franchise that has gained popularity worldwide.

Yuki Kaji, who is currently the voice of Shoto Todorki in the Japanese version of My Hero Academia, will be joining the second season of Beastars as new student, Pina, for a January 2021 release. Kaji is a veteran in the world of voice acting, perhaps most famously bringing to life the voice of Eren Jaeger in Attack On Titan, which will be returning for its fourth and final season later this year. On top of both My Hero Academia and Attack On Titan, Kaji has also created characters for One-Punch Man, Weathering With You, Demon Slayer, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and almost too many other series to count!

Beastars My Hero Academia
(Photo: Studio Bones & Studio Orange)

When last we left Todoroki, Yuki Kaji's character in My Hero Academia, the son of Endeavor had earned his hero license before the finale of the fourth season. In the manga, Shoto is going through a terrifying ordeal as he joins both his father and his fellow classmates battling against the villain Shigaraki and his army of villains in the Paranormal Liberation War. Though we don't know specifically when Todoroki will return with Class 1-A for the next season, the fifth season of My Hero Academia has been confirmed!

Beastars will be a coming to a close in its manga story shortly, with only three chapters left in the story of Legosi and the world of predators and prey which is attempting to maintain the peace. One of Netflix's most popular anime series, it will be interesting to see how many seasons the franchise ultimately garners considering the reception around the world!


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