My Hero Academia Theory Plans Out Eraserhead's Return to War

When it comes to fan theories, there are few fandoms as creative as that behind My Hero Academia. The franchise is going strong as always, and its manga has pulled into its final arc at last. Of course, this has fans eyeing My Hero Academia closely as fans want to figure out how its heroes will prevail. And now, a special theory is suggesting that Eraserhead could still turn the tides of war.

The theory came to light recently when My Hero Academia pushed into its final act. It was there fans learned how injured the pro hero was after his bout with Shigaraki. The homeroom teacher not only had to amputate part of his leg, but he is also missing an eye. This means it is very hard for him to use his quirk since Erasure requires constant eye contact, but there may be a workaround here.

The most obvious choice comes courtesy of Monoma, the surprise champion of Class 1-B. Despite his wild temper, the hero is able to copy quirks after coming in contact with them. At the present, Monoma can hold four quirks at a Tim and use them for ten minutes before they're wiped from his system. It wasn't long ago the hero managed to copy Kurogiri's warp quirk after working closely with Aizawa, so fans are wondering whether Monoma locked in the teacher's power as well.

If he is able to warp back and forth, Monoma could carry on Aizawa's Erasure legacy until the war ends. It isn't a long-term solution by any means. But if it gives our heroes an advantage, it is hard to imagine Aizawa holding back from the transfer.

The other option is more dangerous as it involves Aizawa himself. The hero says he's not fit to join the battlefield, but he can wield his quirk under precise circumstances. If he is brought to the battle at the right time, he could hold back All For One or Shigaraki long enough to do damage, but he'll be left open to whatever damage comes his way unless another pro is there to protect him. 


What do you think about this latest My Hero Academia theory? Do you believe Aizawa's quirk can still turn the tides of this war? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.