My Hero Academia Sets Up All For One's Final Stand

My Hero Academia has set up All For One's final stand, as Phase Two of the Final War arc officially kicks off in the manga this week. The pro heroes of Japan have launched an ambitious final battle plan designed by All Might: using a combination of key quirks from supporting players in the series, All Might was able to pull off a daring table-turn on the villains' plan of ambush. Based on the latest chapter of My Hero Academia it seems like All Might's plan has worked, and All For One may finally be ready to fall! 

(WARNING: My Hero Academia Chapter 345 SPOILERS Follow!) 

All Might's plan was to copy League of Villains' teleporting nomu Kurogiri's warp gate quirk and use it to force the League of Villains' army into a divide and conquer scenario. By turning U.A. High School's new protective barriers into villain cages, the heroes successfully divide them into smaller groups, and in this latest chapter, push them through the gates to target destinations for the final battle! 


All For One ends up on the "Gunga Villa" battlefield with a lot of the top pro heroes waiting for him. That list includes Endeavor, Hawks, Kamui Woods, Fumikage Tokoyami, The Wild, Wild Pussycats, and others. Hawks takes the first shot right at All For One's jugular but finds the villain won't be going down that easy. At the same time, The Heroes succeed in discerning the flaw in All For One's powers – namely that his stolen warp quirk is an "inferior" version of Kurogiri's quirk – and he can't escape the trap all that easily. It's going to come down to a battle – and the heroes have thrown a lot of high power at taking out All For One's main body. 

Of course, power isn't All For One's only formidable weapon: the archvillain is also a master manipulator. All For One immediately starts messing with the heroes' heads, letting Endeavor know that he is "a cruel man" by forcing Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki into their final showdown – while also forcing  his own son (Shoto Todoroki) to "clean up your own mess, no matter how much it pains him," by facing Dabi, a psycho that All For One accuses Endeavor of creating through "unceasing abuse toward your eldest child!" 

Indeed, even though the heroes have now split All For One off from his powerful cohorts, taking him down still will be far from easy. 

My Hero Academia's final battle is currently unfolding in the pages of the manga