My Hero Academia Theory Sets Up Toga's Deadly Parade

My Hero Academia's Final War Arc is (as titled) bringing some decisive finales for the various characters of the series – and one particular fan-favorite seems to currently be in her last stretch. (WARNING SPOILERS FOLLOW!) Chapter 348 of My Hero Academia's manga sees Himiko Toga finally come face-to-face with Izuku Midoriya and Ochaco Uraraka on the battlefield, and finally put her cards on the table about loving Deku so much she wants to drink his blood to become him

Ultimately, My Hero Academia Chapter 348 ends with Uraraka stepping up to face Toga, telling Izuku to get to his real battle with Tomura Shigaraki. However, a popular fan theory says that Uraraka (and her buddy Froppy) may be in for more than they can handle if Toga unleashes her own deadly parade! 

During the League of Villains' battle with the Meta Liberation Front, Toga saw her "Transform" quirk go through an "awakening" in battle with Curious. Toga went from just being to copy a person's physical form and clothes by drinking their blood, to also being able to copy their Quirk, as well. That said, Toga's new power-copying ability came with the strange note of only being accessible if the power she was copying came from someone "close to her heart." Suddenly, it seems like there could be a good reason for that footnote... 

After Toga's best buddy Twice died during the First War Arc, Toga grabbed a sample of his blood. Toga revealed as much in My Hero Academia Chapter 341 when she and Dabi paid a visit (and destroyed) her childhood home. From the moment of that reveal, fans knew: My Hero Academia was likely plotting a path for Twice's return in some form or fashion – and now it seems like that moment is here!


Fan theory debates the end result, but not the fact that Toga's "ultimate attack" will be unleashing Twice's "sad, sad, parade" of clones against Uraraka, Froppy, and anyone else on the scene at that particular battlefield. The main point of debate is whether gaining Twice's powers will allow Toga to create an army of her own clones or an army of clones that look like Jin Bubaigawara. Either way, Toga's 'deadly parade' looks like it's getting ready to march! 

As stated, Himiko Toga has been a major fan-favorite character of My Hero Academia, but it definitely looks like her story is coming to a close. You better bet she's going to go out with a bang

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