'My Hero Academia' Confirms a One-Week Break

While My Hero Academia may be in the middle of its most intense, emotional arc to-date, fans are going to have to prepare for a little break in the action. In just a couple of weeks, the beloved anime series is set to go on a hiatus.

Fortunately for all the fans out there, the break won't be long. According to Animedia, the hiatus is only set for one week.

@Aitaikimochi took to Twitter this past week to translate the news from the magazine post, confirming that the break would take place after the final episode in June.

"Apparently BHNA anime will be taking a breather and will not air on Saturday, July 7th," the tweet read. "Not too sure if something else will fill it for that week. Source is from Animedia July 2018."

The hiatus won't last long, but it does come at a pivotal time for the series. For the past couple of episodes, All Might has come face-to-face with the villainous All For One and given fans the epic battle they've been waiting to see. To add to the drama, All Might finally learned of Shigaraki's true identity - the granddaughter of Nana, the mentor who gave him the One For All quirk in the first place.

It's highly likely that the series will continue to hit these high emotional notes over the next two episodes. All Might, now void of his power, will finally meet Deku's mother, and he will have to deal with the fact that her son is now the hero that the world needs.

Hopefully the two week break between episodes won't feel like it's too long, and we'll all jump back into the action without missing a beat.


Are you disappointed to learn about the break for My Hero Academia? Do you think there will be a cliffhanger before the hiatus? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments below!