My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission May Have Found a U.S. Release Date

My Hero Academia has some more work to do before its current season ends, and fans aren't sure [...]

My Hero Academia has some more work to do before its current season ends, and fans aren't sure what they will fill their times with when the show pushes out its next finale. For fans in the United States, they do have the comfort of knowing My Hero Academia's next movie is on the way, and it seems the film will be here before too long. If a new report is right, the anime's third flick may be coming stateside in just over two months.

The update comes from AMC Theaters as the company updated its movie listings the other night. While the page has since been removed, My Hero Academia fans spotted an entry for the anime's latest film. It was there fans saw a placeholder date had been entered for My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission, and it is set to October 29.

At this point, there is no confirmation of the release date, so My Hero Academia fans are still waiting for official news. Given the film's Japanese release date, an October turnaround is fast but not too quick in the greater scheme of things. The release timeline checks out here, and for old-school anime fans, they will still be stunned at just how fast the turnaround will be.

As for My Hero Academia, the show is expected to bring its fifth season to a close in October, so this film will be a nice way to celebrate. Of course, the fandom expects a sixth season will be coming out next year. The real question is whether My Hero Academia will float the fourth movie. So far, the anime's latest film is breaking box-office records for the franchise, so the desire is there. The only thing left to do is pen a story for My Hero Academia's fourth movie, so here's to crossing our fingers for a 2022 release!

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