WWE's Ricochet Teases My Hero Academia Costume

The WWE is no stranger when it comes to referencing the world of pop culture with a number of their wrestlers entering the ring wearing costumes from popular comic book and anime franchises with the wrestler Ricochet hinting at a new costume inspired by My Hero Academia's Kirishima. Red Riot had a huge role to play in the recently finished fourth season of the anime franchise, with fans taking notice of his amazing actions against Overhaul's legion. Recognizing the popularity of the character, WWE's Ricochet is hinting that he may enter the ring wearing Red Riot inspired attire!

This wouldn't be the first time that Ricochet entered the ring wearing ring gear that was inspired by My Hero Academia, with a previous match having him wear a full body suit that was a perfect representation of All Might's costume, proving that the high flying wrestler has a serious love for anime. On social media, Ricochet himself has referenced his love of the series that made Midoriya and his classmates at UA Academy so popular, putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to literally wearing his admiration of the series on his sleeve!

Ricochet shared the tease of the brand new wrestling gear that would take a page from My Hero Academia on his Official Twitter Account, sharing a gif of Red Riot Unbreakable with a fan and filling us with anticipation that he'll be honoring the character shortly during his tenure with the WWE:


In the most recent season of My Hero Academia, Kirishima found himself facing down the terrifying might of the Eight Bullets, a faction of Overhaul's Yakuza that the heroes were attempting to stop in order to both save the life of the young girl Eri as well as stop their plans of creating a "Quirk erasing drug". Teamed with the professional hero named Fat Gum, Red Riot pushes himself to "go beyond plus Ultra" by taking a series of blows from one of the Yakuza's heavy hitters and giving his mentor the time he needed to unleash his ultimate attack. As one of the MVPs of season four, it's easy to understand why Ricochet would be hinting at a costume modeled after him!

Are you excited to see Ricochet's potential Red Riot wrestling gear? What other anime characters would you like to see brought to life via the WWE? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and UA Academy!

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