Nana Mizuki, the Voice Actress Behind Hinata, Is Now Married

There are plenty of idols working in Japan, and many of the stars have come to enjoy successful careers as singers and voice actors. Back in the day, Nana Mizuki got her start in the industry as she tackled major roles like Hinata in Naruto. Now, the idol has opened up about her next big gig, and that is being a wife.

Not long ago, Mizuki wrote a post for fans where she publicly announced her recent marriage. The singer-actress confirmed she has been married to an unnamed person who works in the music industry. This marks Mizuki's first marriage, and fans are beyond thrilled for the 40-year-old star.

"Now that I've reached certain milestones like my 40th birthday and my 20th anniversary of my debut as a singer, I've had more chances to reevaluate myself and consider the future. I also treasure my peaceful everyday life, and in July I reached the decision to enter my name 'Nana,' which my beloved father gave to me, on the family registry," Mizuki wrote on her personal blog this week (via ANN).

nauto hinata nana mizuki
(Photo: Studio Pierrot)

To everyone who has always supported me with exceptional love, even as I've made reckless blunders, I want to keep singing and making music for you with even more power. I hope you can watch over me warmly."


For those who may not know Mizuki from her prolific work in Naruto, the star has plenty of entries on her resume. She began voice acting back in 1997 with a simulation game before tackling roles like Fate Testarossa, Kisaki Kondo, and more. She has a number of chart-topping singles under her belt as well, and fans are sure Mizuki will excel in her marriage as she has with much of her career.

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