Naruto Cosplay Brings Itachi Out of the Shadows

Naruto has welcomed tons of fans into its fold since the anime debuted, and more join the fandom by the day. Of course, this means you can find the Hidden Leaf's heroes at any anime convention, and there are even more cosplayers online. Now, one is gaining all the attention for their take on Itachi Uchiha, and the cosplay is what some might call flawless... because it is.

The piece comes from Instagram courtesy of the user migo.mir. The fan came to Instagram from Weibo to share their looks with users, and netizens are loving the Chinese cosplayer. After all, their ability to recreate anime looks is wild, and their take on Itachi may be their best.

As you can see above, the Naruto cosplay shows Itachi in his Akatsuki outfit as he comes from the shadows and into the light. With a straw hat atop his head, the rogue ninja can be seen with his scarred headband and eye lines that crawl down his cheeks. Of course, Itachi has his Sharingan out at the ready, and migo.mir is a dead-ringer for the Uchiha prodigy.

The rest of the Naruto cosplay is easy to make out as Itachi has few outfits. The ninja is wearing his black-and-red Akatsuki robe with a mesh shirt underneath. You can see the fighter's necklace peeking underneath the robe, and the lighting of the photoshoot makes Itachi look ethereal somehow. It takes serious talent to get that right, and tens of thousands of fans are sharing their kudos online.

If you want to check out migo.mir, you can do so on Instagram or Weibo. You can find their former profile here in case you'd like to follow them!

What do you make of this impressive Naruto look? Which other characters should this cosplay tackle...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.