Naruto Reveals Gaara's Take on the Sexy no Jutsu

Boruto Uzumaki has a wild imagination at times, but that is what makes him such a good ninja in the field. Of course, this mind can get carried away, and that is when things can get weird real fast. Naruto fans learned that firsthand when a recent Boruto spin-off showed how Gaara's Sexy no Jutsu would look... and we can never unsee it.

If you will remember, the Sexy no Jutsu is one of the most famous techniques introduced in Naruto. The move was created by the Seventh Hokage as a child because it distracted any old geezer who may bother harassing him. Of course, Naruto went on to pass the jutsu around, so it is no surprise Boruto would be curious about Gaara and his version of the move.

That is why Boruto chose to ask Gaara about it, and the Uzumaki went the extra step by imagining how Gaara would look. Now, this moment didn't happen in the mainline series, but Boruto SD made sure to give it its dues. After all, Gaara is shown in this imagining with a high body suit on that hugs his (or her) female body. The suggestive image is hard to miss, and Gaara brings it to life with long hair and bangs.

The worst part of this all comes with Boruto's second imagining. The boy takes the time to conjure up how Gaara's son would look if he were to be taught the technique. Shinki's take on the Sexy no Jutsu is even more disturbing, and Gaara is stunned by Boruto's trail of thought. So if the main Naruto series ever wants to teach these guys such a move, well - here is a blueprint for it!


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