Naruto Fan-Art Turns Dwayne Johnson Into the Raikage

The Hokage is without a doubt the strongest ninja in the Hidden Leaf, but there are others like them who uphold their people around shinobi nations. From the Kazekage to the Mizukage, the mantle is a venerable one that only the strongest in Naruto can oversee. And when the topic of live-action anime came up recently, one fan decided to imagine how Dwayne Johnson would look if he were to bring the Raikage to life.

The post was made over on Reddit thanks to the user stark1310. Naruto fans flocked to the live-action imagining as it imagines how the wrestler-turned-star would look as A. After all, the Raikage during Naruto Shippuden is a formidable dude, and it turns out Johnson fits his physique.


You can see for yourself in the comparison above. The simple Naruto makeover imagines how Johnson would look with the Raikage's style blonde hair and beard. The look is complete with a long white cloak and arm braces. From his stature to his toned physique, Johnson looks remarkably similar to the Raikage, and he can take that as a compliment.

After all, the Raikage is an insanely powerful person. Not only is his speed unmatched by most, but he has the physical strength to go toe-to-toe with his brother during his Eight-Tail transformation. It goes without saying that the Raikage during Naruto's time was a bonafide badass, and Johnson knows how to play those roles well. His work in franchises like The Fast and the Furious proves as much. So if Naruto is going to pursue its live-action plans in Hollywood, the film's casting agent better remember this pitch!


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