Boruto Fights Naruto in This Tense New Promo

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is teasing a father and son fight in a tense new promo for the next episode of the series. The anime is currently in the middle of a hiatus for the holiday season, but when it returns it will finally be kicking off the massively popular Kawaki saga from the manga release of the series. The anime will be adapting these elements and combining it with new material to form the Vessel arc, which the anime has been laying the groundwork for in the last few episodes released in 2020.

When the anime makes its return on January 10th, however, it will be ushering in this massive saga with Episode 181 of the series. While there are going to be a ton of new foes, allies, and fights to look forward to in the next year of the anime, the next episode is kicking things off with a fight between father and son:

Episode 180 of the series dropped a major clue for the Vessel arc when Katasuke revealed that he had created a new prosthetic arm for Naruto. Katasuke mentioned how Naruto would be surprised when he finally saw it in action, and Naruto mentioned how he was looking forward to testing it. It was then that he saw a flash of his son, Boruto, in his mind asking to spar with him when his arm was all better. So this is the set up to what we can see in the promo for Episode 181.

As we can see in the promo, Boruto and Naruto are sparring in front of the other Genin as Naruto tries to test out his new arm. There are some other important ramifications of this sparring match that will make themselves known in future episodes, but this will be the first proper time in a while that we will see father and son clash like this in the anime series. Boruto's grown quite a lot, so it will be interesting to see how Naruto reacts!


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