Naruto Fan Recreates the Hidden Leaf Village in Minecraft

Naruto fans will go a long way to bolster their fandom, and there are some who go harder than [...]

Naruto fans will go a long way to bolster their fandom, and there are some who go harder than others. From cosplayers to artists, you can count on the Naruto community to make epic things for the ninja series, and that is exactly why one fan decided to recreate the Hidden Leaf in all its glory on Minecraft.

And yes, we do mean the whole entire thing. There is no telling how long this city took to build, and the creator still says they have more to do on the project!

If you are curious about the Naruto build, you can check it out below. The user deav29 shared their work over on Reddit, and it was there they shared a few details about the elaborate build. It turns out the graduate student decided to make this Minecraft creation to pass time, and it turned into a full-blown project before long.

"I came up with the idea my freshman year of college, and that's when I started. So 5 years I guess? But I've been in school, so it's not like I sat down cranked this out for hours or anything. Just bit by bit over a long time," the user explained.

"I referenced both the manga and anime. I also looked at open-world maps from Naruto video games, like the Storm series and Broken Bonds. They all look a little different, even manga to manga references. I think the individual buildings are pretty accurate. But the real entire village would be massive."

Of course, fans of Naruto can understand the fan's pain. The series keeps some buildings consistent throughout the series like the Hokage Tower, but the rest is fair game. That went doubly so after Pain caused the Hidden Leaf to undergo a massive renovation, but this Minecraft take looks to be one of the most accurate yet. And if deav29 ever makes this server public, you can beet Naruto fans from all over would jump at the chance to explore this world!

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