Naruto: Kakashi Reveals the Reason He's Jealous of Boruto

A brand-new episode of Boruto has gone live, and it checks in on its young hero during their first training arc. The eldest Uzumaki child is eager to become stronger, and they vowed to do as much after being soundly defeated by a Kara member. That is why Kakashi agreed to train Boruto after a bit of begging, but the Sixth Hokage taught the boy more than just jutsu.

In fact, Kakashi schooled Boruto in some life lessons as well. It is one thing to be powerful, of course. However, Kakashi knows it is a whole other thing to be empathetic, and that is why he openly told Boruto he's jealous of him.

The revelation came towards the middle of the episode as Kakashi and Boruto started training. It was there Boruto said he is jealous of how strong Kakashi was from a young age. It would be a dream for him to be a prodigy like Kakashi or Sasuke. But before he can daydream too much, the Sixth Hokage tells Boruto why he should never wish for that.

Naruto Kakashi
(Photo: Studio Pierrot)

Kakashi says he is the one who is jealous of Boruto, and it is because of his upbringing. The man says Boruto's life is filled with people who love him whether they be family or friends. Boruto has also grown up in a time of peace, so he hasn't faced loss like Kakashi. The Sixth Hokage lost his friends to the war as well as his father and teacher. It goes without saying Kakashi led a rough life, and he would have given a lot for have grown up more like Boruto.

This reminder is a matter-of-fact one and speaks to the Boruto series as a whole. Fans like to mock the sequel for its peaceful nature, but that is simply the setting of Boruto. Naruto may have had to contend with coups and wars, but Boruto is meant to benefit from the peace that its legacy heroes fought for. A time will come for strife, but for now, Kakashi wants Boruto to know how lucky his life has been.


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