'Boruto' Fan Art Gives Orochimaru a Bad Girl Makeover

If you Naruto fans are looking for something that's more exciting than the lame story arc currently running through Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, then look no further than his. However, you should be warned: once you see what's below, you may never be able to unsee it!

Still with us? Then check out the result of one Naruto fan giving the infamous Sannin a bad girl makeover:

In all seriousness, that image above has us dead. Straight up dead from LOL overdose.

Upon seeing this little mockup of Orochimaru rocking some colorful braids and hoop earrings, there was only one ghetto girl who came to mind for a lot of fans:

In case you're too young to know the classics, that right there is Joi (Paula Jai Parker), the hood rat girl that Ice Cube's Craig was hooking up with, prior to the events of the cult-classic 1995 urban comedy, Friday. One of that film's subplots follows Craig attempt to trade-up when it comes to love interest. Craig spends the Friday afternoon trying to avoid the suspicious and smothering Joi, in order to see if he can't spark romance with Nia Long's Debbie. It takes a nearly getting shot up by an angry drug dealer (Faizon Love), and beat to death by local bully Deebo (Tommy Lister), but Craig manages to make his new love connection happen by the end of the day.


So what does that all have to do with Orochimaru? Nothing, really. It's just fantastic that the nefarious Sannin is so fluid with his gender identity - you can pretty much dress him up in anything, and it'd be a genuine possibility that he'd wear it.

Last we saw, Orochimaru finally got to meet Boruto for the first time. Boruto and Sarada snuck out of Hidden Leaf village to pursue their Team 7 teammate Mitsuki, who had seemingly absconded from the village. The first destination Boruto and Sarada figured Mitsuki would head to was Orochimaru's lab - but they discovered that their assumptions about the Sannin's role in Mitsuki's disappearance was totally wrong. Since the lengthy "Mitsuki Disappearance Arc" has continued on we haven't heard anything new form Orochimaru - other than the fact that he fashioned some deadly fail safe measures into his artificial human creations like Mitsuki, in the form of a deadly curse mark placed on Mitsuki's artificial heart, in order to protect the secret of its unique design. Having Orochimaru disappear from the storyline is just one of many disappointments in Boruto's current arc - which will thankfully be wrapping up soon.

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