Naruto: Here's How Jiraiya Could Be Related to Kashin Koji

Boruto has put readers through a wild journey, and it seems like fans think they've figured out how Jiraiya is tied to a dangerous ninja with Kara. For some time now, the sequel has made Naruto fans question if Jiraiya was dead because the villain Kashin Koji bore such likeness to the man. Now, the latest chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has fueled that theory with a rather good explanation.

After all, Jiraiya does not have to be alive to be related to Kashin Koji. The pair did not even need to meet for that to happen. The only thing Orochimaru would need to connect the pair is some DNA, and the mad scientist could have done so easily.

The current theory that ties together Kashin and Jiraiya has to do with science. Fans believe the newcomer might have been born from Jiraiya's DNA after the older man died. His body was never recovered from the Hidden Rain as far as fans know, but Orochimaru or even Amado could have snuck into the city to nab DNA from Jiraiya's corpse.

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It seems like Amado is more likely the culprit given his genius-level intellect. The man has managed to outsmart Shikamaru so far, and Amado is the one who gave Kara the insane ninja tools fans have come to see. That is why fans believe Kashin is more than likely an artificial human who was either born in a lab or created from scratch by Amado.

After all, Kashin tells Jigen during their big battle that he was created to kill the Kara leader. "That is my supreme objective. And my reason for existing," the man says.


The fight goes on to show Kashin using moves that only Jiraiya could, and Naruto makes note of that. It seems more and more certain that the pair are tied to one another. And if this theory is right, then the twist is that Kashin was made from the DNA of Jiraiya's corpse some time ago.

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