Naruto Is Reportedly Eyeing a New Chunin Exams in Boruto

Fans of the Hidden Leaf Village have been waiting to see where the anime adaptation will go in the future of the television series now that it has caught up with its source material in the manga, and it seems as though Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is once again diving into the tried and true event of Konoha with the Chunin Exams. As the Kara Organization, and by proxy the Otsutsuki, have ravaged the plans of the ninja world for some time, the death of Jigen now lets the next generation return to business as usual.

The Chunin Exams are a rite of passage for the young generation of the ninja world, with genin ninja attempting to reach the next level in a variety of trials that pits warriors from different villages against one another. While the Exams eventually lead to one-on-one fights among the variety of brawlers, it also has a component wherein teams of three attempt to navigate their way through some dangerous terrain. With the test giving ninjas from Konoha and beyond the ability to vie for a serious promotion, it will be interesting to see how Team 7 now fares considering they've had some major upgrades in the battles against Kara. 

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The description for the upcoming episode which will seemingly be the new Chunin Exams in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations reads as such:

"Chunin exams again!? The previous chunin exam was canceled due to the interference of the Otsutsuki, and in order to deal with the new threats, a Chunin Exam will be held again! Boruto and his genin classmates gather. They're working together towards becoming Chunin,"

While the Chunin Exams can be dangerous, this upcoming storyline would surely be seen as a reprieve for the young ninja of Konoha considering the threats that they've been facing from Jigen and his crew. Now, with Team 7 having the addition of Kawaki to their ranks, it will be interesting to see how these new exams will take place for Boruto and his friends and who will be able to reach the rank of Chunin in the Hidden Leaf.

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