Naruto Fan Gives Sasuke's Shippuden Style a Femme Cosplay

There are plenty of Naruto cosplayers out there, and they have quite the thing for Sasuke Uchiha. The heir is the perfect reformed bad boy to work with as his character arc is all over the board. From being a rebel to being an ally, Sasuke has done it all, and that is why one fan on Instagram decided to give the Leaf ninja a special femme makeover.

Taking to social media, the user Skyler Jean Cosplay shared their Naruto look with fans. They decided to take their genderbent cosplay to Anime Los Angeles where their chic look earned all the praise.

As you can see below, the cosplay is taken from Sasuke's time in Naruto: Shippuden. She is wearing an oversized grey jacket that exposes her torso, but her chest is covered by some tight bandaging.

The rest of the outfit is pretty easy to follow as it follows the Naruto anime. A purple rope belt keeps up the cosplayer's skirt and pants. Of course, the ninja is rocking some arm braces for battle, and they have a replica of the sword which Orochimaru gifted them.

Really, the biggest change in outfit comes down to Sasuke's hair. The fandom often refers to the ninja having hair which is styled after a duck's butt given its pointy spikes. However, this feminine look softens the hair style with longer curls and waves. Makoto Uchiha would approve without complaint, and the same goes for fans who have showered the look with compliments.


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