Naruto Cosplay Captures Itachi's Darkest Look

Naruto Uzumaki has become a go-to cosplay option for fans around the world, but there are other ninja who sit with the hero on that list. From the Hidden Leaf and beyond, there are tons of popular shinobi online wanting their due with the cosplay crowd. Of course, Itachi Uchiha is one of them as his reputation proceeds him. And thanks to one cosplayer, the Uchiha is being celebrated with an impressive look online.

Over on Instagram, the user ishinobistudios decided to bring Itachi to life with a spooky cosplay. The fan, who has cosplayed a good few anime protagonists, felt the Uchiha was being left out. That is why they went all out with their Naruto cosplay, and it is pretty spot-on to the anime.

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You can see the cosplayer sourced inspiration for their look from the Akatsuki. After all, Itachi is pictured in his red-cloud cloak, and he is wearing a woven hat decorated with strips of burnt paper. These hats haven't been seen in ages, but they were once a defining part of the Akatsuki uniform.

As for the rest of this Naruto look, Itachi looks foreboding crouched down with a kunai in hand. The ninja is wearing his usual outfit under his cloak, and you can see the collar of his mesh shirt peeking behind the lapels. Paired with a simple necklace, Itachi's look here is indistinguishable from the one in the anime. Clearly, this fan dug deep for this cosplay, and we have to give them props for their impressive work!

What do you think of this impressive take on Itachi? Does it suit Sasuke's older brother or not? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.