Naruto Cosplay Highlights The Tragic Kurenai

Naruto is a series that is rife with tragedy, as the ninjas of Konoha have had to deal with [...]

Naruto is a series that is rife with tragedy, as the ninjas of Konoha have had to deal with devastating events throughout their action-packed lives, but perhaps no life is more tragic than that of Kurenai, and one Cosplayer perfectly brought the Hidden Leaf teacher to life using some ingenious Cosplay. Though Kurenai has hung up her kunai in the current series of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, like so many of her comrades who were on the front line in both Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden, her daughter Mirai, has taken up the mantle in the Hidden Leaf Village.

As mentioned earlier, Kurenai is a tragic character as the father of her child, Asuma, was killed during the Fourth Ninja World War by one of the most deadly members of the villainous Akatsuki. Kurenai, like Asuma, was a teacher to one of the young teams that were looking to ascend the ranks of the Hidden Leaf's ninja forces, leading the likes of Neiji, Hinata, and Shino. Following Asuma's death, Kurenai discovered that she was pregnant, now set to raise their daughter as a single parent while Asuma's students swore revenge against the villain that took his life. Though Mirai never knew her father, she followed in his footsteps to become a big player in the Hidden Leaf.

Instagram Cosplayer Alexa_Sky brought the genjutsu user to life who has been a long-time ninja in the ranks of Konoha, lending the village, and the ninja world, a much-needed hand when the Fourth Ninja World War brought back to life all the deceased ninjas to fight against the living world under the sway of Madara Uchiha and Obito:

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As mentioned earlier, Kurenai has taken a back seat to her daughter in the latest adventures of Boruto, with Mirai accompanying both Kakashi and Might Guy as they tried to find healing hot springs to fix Guy's injuries he received at the end of Shippuden. Mirai was also seeking a hot spring that had the potential to bring back her father Asuma, though it was ultimately unsuccessful.

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