Naruto Cosplay Taps Into Jiraiya's Sage Mode

Naruto has introduced fans to many cool characters, transformations, and fights over the course of its long run, and one awesome cosplay is reminding fans just how cool Jiraiya was by tapping into his Sage Mode! Masashi Kishimoto's original franchise is now celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the anime adaptation, and looking back on the anime's biggest moments makes it hard to deny why the franchise continues to have a large impact on fans all over the world. This is especially true because of all of the standout fights over the course of the series like Jiraiya's memorable bout with Pain.

Jiraiya's confrontation with Pain is remembered for being a pivotal moment in the series that helped kick off a full fight for the fate of the Hidden Leaf Village soon after. But during the fight itself fans got to see what Naruto's mentor was truly capable of as he activated the Sage Mode that he had been trying to teach Naruto how to tap into. His full version led to some pretty cool powers, and now that coolness has been brought to the spotlight once more thanks to some equally cool cosplay from artist @yaizaperez on Instagram! Check it out below: 

Jiraiya was one of the core pillars of the series during his time in Naruto, but even all these years later the Sannin is still getting all sorts of tributes through the anime's future. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has gone far beyond the events of the original series, but even it has spent quite a lot of time bringing Jiraiya back to the spotlight. It had even gotten to the point where Boruto went back in time to fight alongside the younger version of his father and met Jiraiya in the process of it all. It was a pretty wild way to bring back the fan favorite.

But with Jiraiya's time travel return also came a new focus on what Jiraiya meant to Naruto, and how he still has a major impact on the future. Jiraiya's teachings continue to influence how Naruto operates as an elder and the Hokage, and it's a great way to show just how far he has come since learning under his mentor all those years ago. Not to mention how far his use of Sage Mode has come since then too! 

Do you miss Jiraiya as an important part of the series? Where does his fight with Pain rank among the series' best overall? Let us know all of your thoughts about it and everything anime in the comments!