Naruto Fan Pops the Question with Adorable NaruHina Proposal

Naruto Uzumaki may not have had a mind for romance, but that doesn't mean the hero lacked anything when wooing the ladies. Back in the day, the ninja was more likely to offend someone than flatter them, but Naruto never turned away his longest admirer. As it turns out, Hinata was in love with the boy from the start, and one fan used her love story to pop the question to their partner.

Recently, the Reddit user Bronn went live with a photo documenting their recent engagement. The fan hit up the Naruto community to share the art they used when popping the question, and it features Naruto on one knee in front of Hinata.

"She said yes," the fan shared. As you can imagine, fans were quick to congratulate the couple, and it seems like Bronn outdid Naruto when it came to the ring. Hinata did receive a gorgeous ring, but the antique piece which Bronn proposed with is on another level.

She said yes!! from r/Naruto

The gorgeous artwork shows Naruto in his post-Shippuden design complete with a black top and orange pants. With a ring in one hand, Naruto can be seen asking Hinata to marry him, and the heiress is plenty shocked by the moment. After all, there is no doubt Hinata dreamt of this moment for years, and this watercolor art captures the dreamy moment in all its romanticism.


Of course, we hope this happy couple enjoys a loving marriage just like Naruto and Hinata do. The two ninja have built a cozy life as fans can see in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The pair have two children named Boruto and Himawari. After years of fighting, the Hidden Leaf Village has found peace and given the couple space to let love bloom. So we can only hope that same space is given to this cute couple IRL!

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