Naruto Releases Special 20th Anniversary Poster

October 10th is here, and of course, that means fans are keeping their eyes on Naruto Uzumaki. The boy's birthday is today, and netizens are celebrating the day together online. Of course, the franchise has its own celebrations planned, and one of them just went live courtesy of a special anniversary poster.

Over on Twitter, the official Naruto page dropped the gift on fans shortly after October 10th rolled in. You can find the art below as it shows Naruto as we know him today. Gone is the blonde knucklehead from decades ago as the Seventh Hokage is in his stride. So for anyone who ever doubted Naruto, well – let this poster be a lesson.

The key art puts its focus on Naruto's time as a dad, and he's joined by others like Sasuke and Sakura in this shot. The Nine-Tail Fox can also be spotted in the collage, and of course, others from the Hidden Leaf are visible. Shikamaru, Hinata, Kawaii, Boruto, and even Isshiki can be found here.

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Clearly, Naruto has come a long way since he debuted, and his birthday today comes in time to celebrate the anime's biggest anniversary yet. Earlier this fall, the anime turned 20 years old, and social media was quick to hype each of Naruto's best wins. From Rock Lee vs Gaara way back when to Naruto's stand against Momoshiki, the IP has featured some intense moments. And now, this Boruto-centric poster is giving Team 7 a sweet slice-of-life break.

What do you think about this final entry for Naruto's anniversary? Which era of the franchise stands as your favorite? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.