Naruto Anime Finally Adapts Sasuke's Most Romantic Scene

Naruto promised it would give fans what they wanted in 2023, and what they wanted was more Sasuke. The series has brought a new arc to light, and Sasuke's Story is showing fans what the hero does when he is outside of the Hidden Leaf Village. Right now, the flashback is following Sasuke as he tries to find a cure for a mysterious illness threatening Naruto. This week, Sakura joined him on the case, and the anime finally adapted a scene between the couple we've all been waiting on.

And what was it? Well, you can probably guess if you have read Sasuke's Story. This week's episode showed Sasuke gifting Sakura a seriously romantic gift, and we're fawning over the moment.

As you can see above, the scene in question checks on Sasuke as he chats with Sakura one on one. The two are in a far-off land searching for something that can save their friend's life. While Sasuke poses as a prisoner, Sakura is working leads as a doctor in the jail. But when the two get a moment alone, Sasuke makes sure to stress his love for Sakura in his own way.

"Does the fact that I'm always away on missions and that we're away from each other even though we're married make you worry," he asks. Of course, Sakura is hardly bothered by the issue as she knew what to expect when she married Sasuke. Her response seems to lighten a load on the Uchiha, and before he parts, he reaches for Sakura's hand. It is there he slips a wedding ring on her finger, and of course, Sakura is left stunned by the gift.

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After all, the Hidden Leaf does not subscribe to the wedding tradition, but Sasuke learned about it during his travels. The man may not be able to be at home given his duties, but Sasuke is quietly smitten with his wife. If he could leave tangent proof of his love for Sakura, Sasuke would do it. And thanks to this wedding ring he made by hand, neither ninja will need to doubt the other's love no matter where they are.

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