Neon Genesis Evangelion Cosplay Gets in The Robot With Eva Unit 01

Shinji Ikari's "favorite" mech suit makes its way to the real world thanks to pitch perfect cosplay.

Neon Genesis Evangelion was able to become a heavy hitter in the anime world thanks to a combination of its amazing character work, cerebral story-telling, and amazing battles featuring mechs taking on bizarre monstrosities dubbed angels. Following the conclusion of the Rebuild of Evangelion film series, the future for NERV remains a mystery. Luckily, Evangelion cosplayers are continuing to find new ways to bring back the mechs and monstrosities that first originated in the mind of Hideaki Anno.

The Evangelion franchise recently made news for a very unexpected reason. Studio Gainax, the production studio that first breathed life into the anime adaptation alongside creator Hideaki Anno, recently disclosed that they had filed for bankruptcy in the face of controversies and growing debt. In response, Studio Khara, a studio also formed by Anno, released a statement that they had taken on Evangelion's intellectual property to alleviate the fears that many anime fans might have had.

Evangelion's Eva Unit 01 Rises 

Shinji Ikari and his fellow pilots were unlike any other anime characters introduced in the history of the medium, struggling with their mental and emotional problems as they were tasked with saving the world. To match the cerebral story of the television series, the initial ending was quite controversial in how NERV's tale came to a close. The End of Evangelion might have given anime fans a more definitive ending, but it remains as complex as the anime adaptation that preceded it. 

When it comes to seeing new stories in the universe of Neon Genesis Evangelion, creator Hideaki Anno hinted at the idea that the franchise might continue with a new project. While Anno himself has been enjoying his time off, the legendary director stated that someone else might be jumping on the story of NERV, "Someone other than [himself]" might be helming the project, and said the creator might have a high degree of freedom in revisiting the world of NERV."

Aside from creating Evangelion, Anno also helped forge an entirely new universe in Japan in the Shin Universe. In this cinematic universe, viewers were given new interpretations of Godzilla, Ultraman, and Shin Kamen Rider. While Anno hasn't revealed any plans to continue the universe, the films featuring some of Japan's classic characters remain high marks in the director's career.

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