Evangelion Studio Promises Legal Action After Threats from Disgruntled Fans

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the biggest series in anime, and its legendary reputation is [...]

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the biggest series in anime, and its legendary reputation is known the world round. There are few series that have been so critically praised, but Evangelion made it happen. The franchise continued its streak when its latest film went live, but it seems a simple controversy has made Studio Khara take a stand for itself.

The ordeal came to light on Twitter when the official Evangelion page posted a note in English and Japanese for fans. It was there Studio Khara thanked fans for their support but warned others who were upset with the film. It turns out the studio has been received threats over a silly issue, and Studio Khara will not abide by it.

"We have confirmed that there have been acts of slander, threats, and suggestions of crimes against [the] individuals involved in the production of the film in the form of misinterpretations of the film content and related press articles," the letter reads.

"We will strongly protest slander, threats, comments that suggest criminal intentions, and any other actions that undermine the dignity of the individuals involved in that work that stem from personal interpretations, inference, or dissatisfaction with content that does not meet individual wishes."

The latter goes on state Studio Khara will take legal action when and where necessary. And if you are confused over what is upsetting some fans. It turns out the drama comes from the film's romance and its promo teases. Some Evangelion fans were letdown by the pairing, so they chose to bring their complaints to Studio Khara. But when some extremists took things too far, Studio Khara felt it was time to step in.

If you think this letter is an overreaction, well - it really is not. Animation and production studios take any threat very seriously following the arson at Kyoto Animation. The beloved company was targeted by a disgrunted fan who set fire to one studio and killed more than 30 employees and injuring dozens more. The tragedy shook the entire anime industry in 2019, and its wounds are still fresh for those in Japan.

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