Netflix Is Removing a Classic Anime From Its Catalog

Netflix has made it clear that anime is a big part of its long-term strategy, and we're not just talking live-action projects. From original series to exclusive licensing deals, Netflix has gone the distance for anime, but not all shows have been successful. And now, it seems like Saint Seiya is taking a big hit all thanks to an expiring license.

The update comes from Netflix itself as the company has set an expiration date for Saint Seiya. The anime's original series joined Netflix just over two years ago, and the license was a big deal with classic viewers. After all, Saint Seiya is notoriously difficult to find as a home video, and streaming was basically impossible. Netflix was able to change all of that, but it seems those dark days are on the horizon once again.

Currently, the TV series is slated to leave Netflix on December 14th. All six seasons of the original 1980s anime are being taken down, so that is a tough blow for fans. Luckily, Netflix users have a month to binge the show if they need more time, so Saint Seiya lovers better use their time wisely.

Of course, Netflix might be able to strike another licensing deal, but there is no word on what Toei's demands are to extend the deal. For now, all fans can do is hope Saint Seiya will find life on another streaming service or publisher like Sentai Filmworks. The anime may not be as huge stateside as it is elsewhere like Brazil, but the classic series does well enough. And as you can guess, fans are gutted to see another old-school anime leaving Netflix's booming catalog.

Want to know more about Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac? The series' manga is available in full through Viz Media, and the publisher's official synopsis can be found here: "In Greek mythology, Athena, the daughter of Zeus, was born in full armor. By birthright the goddess of battle, she did not believe in conquest, and only fought defensive wars. Her battles with bloodthirsty gods and giants shook the very earth and seemed to last forever. On the battlefield, there were a group of youths that always surrounded and protected the goddess: the Knights of Athena! Flash forward to modern-day Greece: two Japanese tourists are shocked to see a mansized meteorite crash to the earth before them. It turns out to be young Seiya. Seiya must train harder than ever if he is to survive his match with the brutal Cassios! Whoever wins will receive the greatest prize known to man: the incredibly powerful Pegasus Cloth!"

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