Netflix Partners with CLAMP and Gundam Creators on New Anime

Netflix told subscribers a couple years back it was going in on anime, and it has not faltered on that one bit. In the last 12 months even, Netflix has welcomed a slew of anime it either commissioned or exclusively licensed. With titles like Castlevania season three on the way, Netflix is ready to invest in anime even more so than before, and a new deal has been set in place to bring those projects to life.

Recently, Netflix went live with an announcement confirming its brand-new partnership with six Japanese creators. Their deal was established to expand Netflix's anime catalog, and Netflix found a bunch of unique partners to work with. From manga artists to publishers and writer, this deal has given Netflix access to some of Japan's greatest minds.

One of the biggest deals comes with CLAMP as the company has overseen the publication of several huge shojo titles. For instance, CLAMP brought Cardcaptor Sakura to life years ago. Netflix will also partner with Shin Kibayashi of The Drops of God. Yasuo Ohtagaki will also work with Netflix, and fans will know his work thanks to Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt.

Other talent like Otsuichi, Tow Ubukata, and Mari Yamazaki have also partnered with Netflix under this deal. The entire group was created to develop original anime projects for Netflix which the streaming service can share globally.

So far, fans do not know much about this deal, but a few details were given about the partnership. Currently, CLAMP has designed 20 characters for an unnamed Netflix project it has yet to announce. Kibayashi has also started writing a script for an upcoming Netflix anime, so netizens are eager to hear about the series soon.

For anyone eager to see what Netflix has to offer with anime, you can check out the service's catalog now. Several of its highlights include Devilman Crybaby as well as Aggretsuko and Little Witch Academia. Soon, Castlevania will set its third season out on Netflix before other projects like Transformers and Altered Carbon join the anime fray, so there has never been a better time to check out Netflix's selection!


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