Netflix's Bastard: Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Releases New Trailer

Netflix has a slew of original anime series under its belt, and another is on the horizon. Earlier this year, fans tuned in as the service brought Bastard: Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy to life at long last. And now, the anime has released its first trailer for part two coming later this month.

As you can see below, the new trailer is a long one, and it showcases all of our favorite characters. Of course, Lucien is shown time and again as the Dark Schneider awakens for battle. And as new foes enter the Kingdom fo Metallicana, fans are left to wonder how the hero will fair in this last half of season one.

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If you are not caught up with Bastard, you should know the first half of season one is streaming right now on Netflix. The manga is also available to purchase online through Viz Media, but it is currently out of print. Your best bet when it comes to reading Kazushi Hagiwara's hit manga will come through secondhand copies, so if you are interested, you can read up on Bastard's official synopsis below:

"The kingdom of Metallicana is under siege by evil armies of monsters. The desperate defenders turn to a legend that a virgin's kiss may awaken the wizard "Dark Schneider" from his slumber inside the innocent boy Lucien. Thanks to his sister Yoko, Lucien metamorphoses into the powerful, lecherous wizard. With demons, dragons, and other dark forces roaming the land, and Dark Schneider barely under control, the question remains: will Metallicana ever know a lasting peace?"

What do you make of this new trailer? Are you caught up on Bastard ahead of its anime comeback? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.