Naruto and Avatar Top Netflix's Anime Catalog in 2020

When it comes to Netflix, the streaming service has its hands busy with all sorts of projects. From original rom-coms to live-action adaptations, the site has tons to do, and it threw anime into the mix years ago. In fact, kids programming has become a focus for Netflix, and it seems like several familiar series ranked well in 2020 thanks to the anime fandom.

Recently, NPD released its findings of Netflix and its 2020 catalog. It was there the research service revealed the top kids' show of last year at Netflix US. As it turns out, Avatar: The Last Airbender stole the show, and it is joined by none other than Naruto!

"Originating in Japan, anime uses a colorful yet simple graphic style to tell fantastic or futuristic stories. "Avatar: The Last Airbender," "Naruto," and "The Legend of Korra," are examples of this popular style of animation in 2020 top 10 Subscription Video Track ranking from NPD," the research service shared.

According to the list, Avatar: The Last Airbender came in first place, and this is no surprise. The show hit up Netflix last summer during a period where many were still staying at home. The pandemic pushed many fans towards television as socializing was discouraged, and lots of stores were closed. Netflix helped entertain fans with its license of Avatar: The Last Airbender while The Legend of Korra placed in eighth.

As for Naruto, the hit anime landed in third spot ahead of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. The anime might feel out of place given its violence, but Naruto is considered a show for kids. In Japan, the series targeted boys ages 12-18, and it has enough charm to entice even the pickiest of kids. So if you haven't given any of these animated series a try, you can schedule a marathon ASAP!


If Naruto is not to your taste, there are tons of anime available on Netflix to check out. Shows like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Soul Eater are popular picks with fans. And if you have binged Avatar already, you might want to check out series like Voltron: Legendary Defenders.

What do you make of this new ranking? Are you surprised to see Naruto doing so well on Netflix? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.