Netflix Opens Anime Scholarship in Bid to Improve Animation Wages

The world of anime and manga has been one rife with controversy over its history, with one of the biggest points of notes being the salaries of animators based on the amount of insane work they put into creating anime worlds during their workdays, and it seems as if the streaming service of Netflix is looking to change things up with a new scholarship program for potential animators.

Netflix will be partnering with Wit Studio, the animation studio that is perhaps most famously known for creating the first three seasons of Attack On Titan, who were replaced with Studio MAPPA for the final installment of the Survey Corps in the anime series. The partnership, which will be linked to the "WIT Animator School" will open in April of this year, with the streaming platform offering to pay for living expenses and allow the winners of the scholarship to not pay a dime in tuition fees.

Netflix Anime Scholarship
(Photo: Netflix)

Netflix Japan had this to say about the upcoming scholarship that will be launching this April in unison with Wit Studio, the creative minds behind the earlier seasons of Attack On Titan, Vinland Saga, The Great Pretender, and more:

"Wit Studio Co., Ltd. (WIT STUDIO) announced that it will open "WIT Animator School" in April 2021 with the aim of developing highly skilled animators who will support the next-generation animation industry. The curriculum of this program was developed by Sasayuri Video Training Institute operated by Sasayuri Co., Ltd., and supervised by Netflix LLC (hereinafter referred to as Netflix), which provides the world's largest online streaming service, to create an animation market that is in high demand internationally. We will contribute to strengthening and discovering the talents of Japan that support us.

In addition, we will provide students with a special student system by Netflix, which forms a partnership with WIT STUDIO and production IG Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as IG) through a comprehensive business alliance, to support tuition fees and living expenses during the period of enrollment. By doing so, we will create a system where students can fully demonstrate their talents with peace of mind. After graduating, students who use the scholarship student system will work on the production of Netflix original animation works as a contractor at WIT STUDIO or IG."


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Via Netflix