A New Mobile Suit Gundam Anime Is Being Developed

If you are someone who needs new Gundam in your life, then you are in some serious luck. The title has dozens of series under its belt nowadays and yet another is in the works. Not long ago, Asahi Shimbun Digital conducted an interview with Yoshikazu Yasuhiko who worked on the original Mobile Suit Gundam show. It was there the animation director said he's still got ideas for the series and is working on a new anime for Gundam.

The blurb, which was translated by Crunchyroll, confirms Yasuhiko plans to work hard on this Gundam anime this decade. The artist said he hopes to work another five to six years, and one of his final pieces will involve the First Gundam.

"In terms of anime, I'm going to make one more 'Gundam' story in the end. I can't go into details yet, but it is related to First Gundam, which I can't stop loving. Please look forward to it," Yasuhiko said.

Of course, fans are plenty happy to hear Yasuhiko is still gunning for Gundam. The creator is responsible for the mech we love being designed the way they are, and that's not all. For years now, Yasuhiko has been a soundboard for the franchise, and he went so far as to work on Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin. The manga rebooted the first Gundam anime which he helped oversee, and Yasuhiko said he did so because the First Gundam is the story he's most passionate about.

"The first 'Mobile Suit Gundam,' so-called 'First Gundam' is the only 'Gundam' for me. I have kept thinking that it is the only series for which I have to take responsibility as one of its staff. It's only a story about the 'small people' who get involved in a war. However, the element of 'Newtype' became more important in the following series after that. Human innovation = Newtype will change the world. More and more otaku and critics who misunderstood that that was the theme of 'Gundam' started appearing. In fact, some of the sequels were produced to be interpreted that way. However, that is elitism," he said.


Now, Yasuhiko hopes to reclaim the hopeful nature of Gundam from those who might misinterpret its values. And if fans are real lucky, his anime will come out sooner rather than later!

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