NYCC 2018 Panel Recap of Weekly Shonen Jump

Shonen Jump panel starting EARLY… how about that for a panel at NYCC2018!

Panelists are Urian Brown moderating with Alexis Kirsch (WSJ editor), John Bae (WSJ editor), Marlene First (WSJ editor) and David.

Showing Booth exclusives to the audience… lots of things to buy for lots of different properties.

Playing audience games… asking a lot of anime questions.

Now bringing out more talent:

Lindsay Jones (voice of Ruby Rose) and Miles Luna (voice of Jaune Arc)

Q Season 6 is out Oct. 27 … what can we except?

Miles: After every volume of Ruby we look back to see what we liked and what we want to do better. This year we are going on a great edventre. New monsters, new fights, lots of new things every week, really.

Lindsay: They are going to come back to attack a lot of things that have been building since year three. Trust issues, battles.

Q: RWBY is blowing up, what is it like?

Miles: Hold on for dear life. We are fans of so many people and things. This has been really, really cool. We are brining on more people to keep up and we are getting more help and it will allow us to do more. We are going a YA novel, a board game, its nuts.

Lindsay: A lot of people on the team since middleschool and knowing that we have a big fanbase that appreciate us as fanbase. Now we have a dub in Japan and that is just incredible. Fans saying, yes you are one of us.

Q: New Manga is coming from Japan, how did it happen?

Miles: Dude… I don’t know! There were some big fans in Japan and we were happy with how the first manga went so this time we are doing a re-telling of some of the earlier stuff. Provide people a retelling and a quicker way to get caught up. So it is a new, cool way to experience it.

Revealed a new RWBY Manga image, which looks really great.

Giving away three copies of Manga Anthology Vol 3

There is a RWBY Panel at 4:00pm on Sunday at Madison Square Garden… they will show season 6 stuff, and teasing it pretty hard. So, if you are interested that is the time.

Hunter X Hunter is coming back, simultaneous with Japan on Monday’s. Going onto the dark continent (per its usual).

New series, The Comiq by Kazuki Takahasi (creator of Yu-Gi-Oh!) starting on 10/15

One-Ounch Man Season 2 footage is dropping soon.

Lots of quick cuts of characters…

Voice over, dubbed:

“This will be a slaugher party…”

Season 2 is Coming

“Maybe you should get stronger…”

“You have to get stronger… “

Coming Out: 2019.04

“I’m just a guy who is a hero”

My Hero Academia Vol. 15 is out.

Now bringing out Amanda Miller (voice of Boruto) and Colleen O’Shaughnessey (voice of Cho-Cho)

Q: Boruato is not on Toonami … how excited are you?

Amanda: It is awesome. I great up with it. I would come home from school and watch DBZ and Sailor Moon. So, now fifth grade Amanda is just like wow, this is amazing.

Colleen: Im older than the Toonami generation, but my son watches and so it is still pretty cool to hear your voice come out of the television.

Q: In what ways are you lkke your character/different?

Amanda: I would skip school to jump a train and get a cheeseburger. Im always trying to take down my dad… hahaa… one thing that I love about Boruto, he is just always so positive. I like to think I would never leave a man behind.

Colleen: I like potato chips… the crazy flavors… I love that she is so confident. Assumes that every guy is hitting on her – but that is not like me – but her confidence is really tremendous.


Another audience game…. Shone Jump Family Fued

And, end of the panel.