One Piece Explores Yamato's Past With Kaido

One Piece fully dove into Yamato's past with his father Kaido with the newest chapter of Eiichiro Oda's original manga series! The War on Onigashima has reached a new climax as not only is the island itself minutes away from crashing down on Wano, but the final battles of the war overall are being set into place. As Luffy prepares for his third, and hopefully final match against the Emperor, the top of the Skull Dome is now breaking down due to the sheer force of the fight between father and son with Yamato trying to take down Kaido.

The newest chapter of the series revisits the fight in action as Yamato is still trying his best to take down his father, but Kaido is trying to instill in him that if he wants to act like Oden then he's got to take that kind of punishment. In fact, as we see with the newest chapter of the series as well, Kaido's been treating his son like this all his life and has always been acting with the intent to kill and break Yamato's spirit.

One Piece Yamato Past Kaido Origin Story Explained Manga Spoilers
(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 1024 of the series brings us back to the fight between Kaido and Yamato, and it reveals a flashback to when Yamato first started to declare himself as Oden as a child. Kaido learns that Yamato has access to the Conqueror's Haki as well (when he sees all of the guards surrounding Yamato have fallen to the ground), but punishes Yamato for trying to call himself Oden by sealing him within a cave for a month.

In this cave are imprisoned samurai as well, so Kaido throws a single serving of food along with weapons with the thought that they'll kill Yamato in an attempt to save themselves. Instead, each of the samurai decide to give Yamato that food and befriend the young Yamato because Oden was their close ally. Together they all read the travel log that Oden left behind (that Yamato still has in his possession during the present day), and break out of the cave.

In one final push of defiance, and knowing that Oden has foretold of a battle coming 20 years in the future, they cut their way out of the cave and attack Kaido in a way to both free Yamato before he died in the cave and inspire him for the future. Now with this look into his past, we've got a better idea of the kind of weight he's been carrying for all of these years.


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