Did 'One Piece' Really Blow Up [SPOILER]?

One Piece just hit a big new milestone. More than 20 years after its debut, the manga just released its 900th chapter, and the treat has been a tantalizing one for fans. Not only does the new chapter feature stunning art but it also ends on one big cliffhanger.

So, obviously, spoilers below! Because fans really want to know whether Monkey D. Luffy and his crew just got blown up along with the Thousand Sunny.

If you are caught up with One Piece, then you know chapter 900 starts off with a snack. Big Mom finally stumbles upon the wedding cake which Sanji made, and she devours it very quickly. The baked sweet is so good that Big Mom breaks into a full song, crooning orgasmically at the taste of Sanji's sugary gift. And, with her path of destruction ended, Big Mom's crew shifts its focus from her rampage to the Straw Hats.

The chapter sees Luffy's crew and its comrades all take a beating. Oven boils the ocean itself to knock out the Sun Pirates, and the Vinsmoke clan is injured with candy bullets. By the chapter's last page, fans see Big Mom's main ship pull alongside the Thousand Sunny with its top canon loaded. Luffy points out the offending weapon while Chopper panics beside him, but they don't get to freak out for long.

After all, Big Mom's ship does fire, and it seems to take out the Straw Hat's ride with a single blow.

Yes, the latest chapter's final page ends with Big Mom preening over her cake while the Straw Hats come under fire. After being shot at with a canon, the Thousand Sunny is engulfed in flames, and smolder wreckage from the blast can be seen when the smoke clears. Luffy's Jolly Roger is shown floating in the sea after being blown from the ship, leaving fans totally unsure of the gang's fate.

Of course, readers aren't too concerned about one of the Straw Hats dying; The abrupt explosion seems too quick to lead to a death that major, but Big Mom's food-driven attack is big enough to sink a ship. Franky may not be happy about it, but the Thousand Sunny may not make it back to him in one piece after its latest injury. So, here's to hoping the manga reveals the poor ship's faith either way when it returns in two weeks.


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