One Piece: Ace's Novel to Get Manga Series by Dr. Stone Creator

One Piece fans have taken a special interest in Portgas D. Ace, so they will be happy to know the [...]

One Piece fans have taken a special interest in Portgas D. Ace, so they will be happy to know the pirate is getting his own manga series from the artist of Dr. Stone. A new report went live recently from One Piece Magazine confirming the news. The artist Boichi will oversee the spin-off which is set to begin this later this summer, and it promises to bring 'Fire Fist' Ace back to life... even if for just a brief moment in time.

For those unaware, Boichi is an artist fans will recognize. They currently oversee Dr. Stone but also provided art for Sun-Ken Rock. Now, Boichi is adding One Piece to their list as Ace will be joining his roster sooner rather than late. Luckily, this is not Boichi's first time drawing One Piece, so the artist can take a sigh of relief. He drew a one-shot for One Piece last year, and fans loved what Boichi did with the gang.

This new manga will be a special treat for fans as it focuses on Ace's past. From the time he left the East Blue to his untimely death, this manga will cover it all just like the book before it did. One Piece released a set of novels all about Ace last year between April and June 2018. Sho Hinata oversaw the emotional stories, and Boichi will now bring them to life with some surely stellar artwork. And with Ryo Ishiyama doing storyboards for the manga, it is hard to imagine this project failing.

One Piece Episode 906 Ace Flashback
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Next month, Viz Media will bring Hinata's novels to the U.S. so fans can read up on the story ahead of time. You can check out the One Piece book's fiery synopsis below:

"Get the backstory on Luffy's brother Ace in this first of two prose stories that continue the high seas adventure ONE PIECE! This volume contains the origin story of Luffy's adopted brother Ace, and tells of his thrilling quest for the legendary One Piece treasure."

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