One Piece Debuts Stunning New Anime Promo

One Piece has debuted a stunning new promo to help celebrate a major anniversary! Eiichiro Oda's [...]

One Piece has debuted a stunning new promo to help celebrate a major anniversary! Eiichiro Oda's original manga series not only celebrated its own major milestone with its monumental 1000th chapter release, but the anime also recently crossed over 20 years of new episodes. Now Toei Animation is putting its talent to use to help celebrate another major anniversary for the Annecy International Animation Film Festival as it most recently celebrated 60 years of operation. Not only did Toei Animation reach out with a cool new promo featuring Dragon Ball Super, but they did so with One Piece as well.

To help celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Toei Animation contributed a slick new One Piece animation that features all of the Straw Hats (including Jimbei, who many fans will enjoy seeing as an official part of Luffy's crew in special promotions like this) congratulating the company on 60 long years. You can check it out below as shared through Annecy's official Twitter account:

Not only did Toei Animation shared a slick new take on One Piece for the anniversary, but they did for Dragon Ball Super as well that featured a number of cool new character designs for Gohan and more that we haven't seen in action just yet. With the release of a new Dragon Ball Super movie scheduled for next year, it's an exciting prospect for sure. It's just as exciting for One Piece as well as the anime's getting ready for the biggest event in the manga series to date.

The third act of the Wano Country arc has finally returned to the present day, and this means that the raid on Onigashima is gearing up to begin fairly soon. The first real battle of this raid kicked off with the previous episode, and had impressed fans with the full display of Luffy, Law, and Kid's abilities. With this war really only getting started, it's an exciting tease of what could be coming in future episodes.

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