'One Piece' Spoiler Teases A Big Shift In Luffy & Katakuri's Battle

Warning! Spoilers for One Piece’s 885th chapter lie below:One Piece is still slogging through [...]

Warning! Spoilers for One Piece's 885th chapter lie below:

One Piece is still slogging through the 'Whole Cake Island' arc, but the manga is way ahead of the anime with the story. This week, the manga's new chapter will pick back up with Luffy as the hero continues his face-off with Katakuri, but a set of spoilers say the Straw Hat captain will do something rather unexpected in his latest round.

Weekly Shonen Jump will release its newest issue tomorrow, but a set of manga spoilers from the magazine hit the Internet today. Fans on social media have been buzzing about the manga's new spoilers, and it is all thanks to Luffy's decision to runaway.

Wait, what?

According to new spoilers for One Piece's 885th chapter, Luffy will apparently trick Brulee into letting him out of the Mirror World where he's been stuck fighting Katakuri. The spoilers reveal the captain is still on Nuts Island, and Luffy will come face-to-face with Big Mom. The powerful gang will chase after Luffy while Sanji finishes the cake on Cacao Island with Pudding.

Fans are rightly surprised to hear that Luffy will run from Katakuri, but there is one good reason the pirate would flee. The hero has been fighting the Charlotte baddie in her Gear Fourth state, but Luffy can only hold it for so long. The hero may need to bide some time and recharge his energy before he can use the power-up against Katakuri again, and Brulee will be tricked (yet again) into helping the captain out.

Hopefully, Luffy doesn't make it to Cacao Island on an empty stomach. If the pirate tries to meet up with Sanji and finds a big cake waiting for him, there is no doubt Luffy would gobble it up in a heartbeat.

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