Is 'One Piece' About To Give [SPOILER] A New Form?

When it comes to the Straw Hat pirates, it is hard to ignore Tony Tony Chopper. The adorable [...]

When it comes to the Straw Hat pirates, it is hard to ignore Tony Tony Chopper. The adorable pirate is famous even outside of the One Piece fandom thanks to his miniature size, but Chopper isn't always so cute. Fans know the character also has a monstrous side to him, and One Piece may reveal another character has a very similar alter ego as well.

In the most recent chapter of One Piece, fans watched as the Straw Hats sailed towards Cacao Island on the Thousand Sunny. The team saw Big Mom's forces awaiting them, and the crew prepared for an inevitable clash. It was then fans noticed something rather odd about Carrot.

As the group prepared to fight, Carrot could be seen standing off by herself. The Mink then asked herself if there would be a full moon tonight, and One Piece fans were quick to piece the question to a long-held theory about the girl.

During the 'Zou' arc, fans of One Piece first started to wonder if the Minks were able to transform like Chopper can. The previous story saw one character comment it was a good thing there were clouds covering the full moon the night Luffy's team headed to Nekomamushi. The story also said Jack was lucky to have the coverage because he would have been easily killed if he fought the Minks during a full moon.

There's been no confirmation of what happens to a Mink when the full moon comes out to play, but it will surely give Carrot one big power-up. The character is already a strong one, and her reputation as a warrior isn't a debated one. If the heroine gets a power-up or transformation when put under a full moon, Big Mom's gang will be in for one dangerous battle. And, if Carrot should catch wind of Prospero during her rampage, then the eldest Charlotte son could be in a world of trouble.

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