One Piece Reveals What Dr. Vegapunk Wants From Luffy

One Piece has kicked off the final saga of the long running action series with a new arc focusing on Dr. Vegapunk, and the newest chapter of the series has revealed that the famous scientist actually has a big favor to ask from Luffy and his crew! After leaving the shores of Wano Country, Luffy and the Straw Hats have made their way to the first major island on the final leg of their journey overall. It's here that they have finally met the famous scientist, Dr. Vegapunk, and they are learning all about his island laboratory where he's been developing all sorts of weapons.

Now only has this new Egghead arc filled in some of the biggest gaps from the history of One Piece's world, it's also starting to set the stage for a big future as well. With Dr. Vegapunk's full introduction to the series after years of waiting, it appears that the scientist has some secret plans of his own. To do it, he will need to make his way off the island and has asked Luffy and the others to take him away from there once they all leave the island as well.

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What Does Dr. Vegapunk Want From Luffy? 

Chapter 1067 of One Piece continues the full introduction to Dr. Vegapunk as the scientist is being very open about everything he has been doing across the island. He's not only detailing how all of the knowledge is processed through his various clones, but he has explained that he has regrets about how some of his more famous experiments (such as crafting the fake Devil Fruit that gave Momonosuke Oden his power). That seems tied into his plans for the future. 

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As CP0 arrives, Vegapunk refuses to let them enter the island and is preparing to push back. At the same time, he tells Luffy that it's fate that brought them to the island as he asks them for a favor. It's to help him leave the island, and it's certainly raised all sorts of question about what the scientist really has planned if he's trying to escape the clutches from the military in such a manner. 


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