'One Piece’s Creator Just Showed Off His Insane Home

Eiichiro Oda has dedicated most of his life to One Piece, and he definitely has the cash to show [...]

Eiichiro Oda has dedicated most of his life to One Piece, and he definitely has the cash to show it. The series has sold more than 400 million manga copies alone, and when you count in its massive anime, you can see why Oda is raking in so much cash these days.

So, really, it should not be surprising to hear Oda has one extravagant house. The creator had his massive home featured on a Japanese TV program for the New Year, and it was just as insane as you would expect.

Over on Twitter, fans began sharing stills of NTV's special that showed off Oda's home. The pictures, which can be found below, break down everything from the artist's balcony to his bathroom.

On his balcony, fans can see that Oda has a full-on train winding around the pad. The miniature is just big enough to give people a lift if they need it, and the set-up looks pretty cute with its engine.

The other stills show off the bar which Oda has on standby at his place. The cozy area has a neon sign designating it as the Shimizu Bar, and it has a popcorn maker at the ready in case anyone needs snacks. Oda also has a massive crane game with a variety of special goodies. The creator stocks it himself, so fans can only imagine what Oda tucks away in the game.

As for his bathroom, Oda went all out with an underwater theme. If you ever need to use the restroom at the artist's place, you will have to do so under a massive shark head. The entire bathroom is covered in ceiling-to-floor wallpaper of the ocean. Guests honestly feel like they were swimming with sharks when they enter the room, but they may not want to feel like that when they've got to go.

Of course, fans are too surprised to see how much money Oda is raking in. The creator of One Piece continues to grow richer each year as the franchise grows. Back in 2016, Japanese reports estimated Oda raked in nearly $30 million a year on just royalties alone, so the guy can afford as many underwater bathrooms as he wants.

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