Eiichiro Oda Already Knows How He'll End 'One Piece'

In a new interview with website Budak Getah (translated by Yonkou Productions), Weekly Shōnen Jump editor-in-chief Hiroyuki Nakano said One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda has a possible ending in mind for the long-running manga — an ending open to change, and known only to Oda — but the twenty-year-old series may not end anytime soon: the series, which has released 86 volumes, could continue through 2027.

"Don't know yet," Nakano said when asked how long One Piece will continue. "Because One Piece is a very popular manga in Japan and its popularity keeps on increasing and the storyline accidentally gets longer as it goes on. Even Oda-sensei tries to end the manga as early as possible because it has become too popular. But maybe One Piece won't end that soon."

"So is there anyone asking 'When will One Piece end,' we can only answer 'not sure,'" Nakano admitted. "We also have started discussing about what we're going to do for the One Piece 30th anniversary."

Asked if the ending has already been decided, Nakano revealed an idea exists, but nothing is final.

"According to Oda-sensei, I think he has a plot for the ending of One Piece," Nakano said. "And nobody knows what Oda-sensei has planned for the ending. That is all in Oda's head. And because the storyline of One Piece keeps on getting longer, the plot that Oda planned sometimes changes based on current events. It all depends on the situation."

The hit series has transcended the page: the One Piece anime, now in its 19th season, has aired 804 episodes since its 1999 debut and Japan has seen the release of 13 One Piece animated theatrical films since 2000.



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