One Piece: Funimation Reveals Episode 1,000 Release Date

One Piece has been around for decades at this point, and some of its die-hard fans have literally grown up with the show. From the East Blue to Wano Country, Luffy has gone through all sorts of adventures in the past twenty years. And now, fans have learned when Funimation will bring One Piece's 1000th episode to fans.

The news went live today courtesy of Funimation. Thanks to a new statement, fans have been informed that One Piece's big episode will drop on November 20, 2021 in the United States.

"The 1000th episode of One Piece is truly a history-making moment not only for the franchise, but also for the millions of fans around the world that have supported the series over the last 22 years," Masayuki Endo, President and CEO of Toei Animation Inc., shared. "We're excited to mark this major milestone for One Piece and look forward to celebrating it together with fans at our special global livestream event on November 20."

Continuing, Funimation CCO Asa Suehira said the company was honored and excited to celebrate this milestone episode with the world. "It isn't every day you get to celebrate such a respected series hit such a grand milestone like this," they shared. "One Piece has been a huge part of the Funimation family over time and we're so proud to be a part of the ongoing journey Toei Animation continues to produce."

If you want to watch this big episode, One Piece will be available to Funimation subscribers in its subbed form on November 20th. Crunchyroll is also expected to simulcast the episode as usual, so fans will have no issue checking out the epic episode. You can also catch up on the anime up to its current episode through these services, and Funimation is currently dubbing new episodes of the Dressrosa arc. And if the One Piece manga is more your style, Viz Media has the manga available in print and digitally through its online vault.  

What do you think about this big One Piece milestone? Will you be watching the anime's 1,000th episode? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.