One Piece Fans Spot Yamato's Biggest Design Issue

Yamato has easily become one of the biggest new characters introduced in One Piece's War For Wano Arc, so it's no surprise that when the offspring of Kaido was brought into the world of the anime adaptation, fans took a keen eye to make sure that the warrior using the name "Kozuki Oden" was living up to the source material. Unfortunately, it would seem that the anime left out a key trait to Yamato, that most wouldn't have originally seen when it came to comparing his design from the manga to the anime series.

Currently, in the pages of the manga, Yamato is assisting the Straw Hats in battling his father Kaido, attempting to not only achieve the dream of Oden, but also save the citizens of the isolated nation. With Momonosuke, the actual son of Oden, transforming into his dragon form to help the Resistance, Yamato has transformed into his wolf form and is now rampaging toward his father to bring the war to an end, hopefully. The anime series is moving at lightning speed to catch up to the events of the manga, and it might hit the current events sooner than we think as the War for Wano rages on in both mediums.

Reddit User The Jaded Emperor was able to spot the fact that Yamato in the manga had a cowlick on the top of his head, while in the anime, this particular trait seems to be missing, making for a slight departure that fans of the Grand Line were still able to catch when comparing the two versions of Kaido's offspring:

Yamato was supposed to have a cow lick? from OnePiece

The anime is getting ready to hit a new milestone, not just by documenting the unbelievable battle between Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates facing down Kaido and his Beast Pirates, but also with Toei Animation getting ready to release the one-thousandth episode of the long-running series. As Eiichiro Oda continues to prepare to bring the story of the Straw Hats to a close, fans are waiting to see what other milestones that series will hit before the Shonen franchise takes its swan song.

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