One Piece Title Shares Episode 999 Title

One Piece is on its march to a milestone that everyone better pay close attention to. After decades on the air, the show is ready to tackle its 1,000th episode this year. After all, the anime rolled out episode 993 this past week, and fans know something is simmering for One Piece's biggest achievement yet. And of course, a new bit of info is out teasing how episode 999 will go.

The update comes from Twitter as fan pages like Orojapan1 claim to have found new details about episode 999. If these reports are true, then the upcoming release has a title already. "The Destiny That Will Protect You! Yamato and Momonosuke!" will be the episode's title, and manga readers will find this title familiar.

After all, an important update from the manga did kickstart this name. A long time ago, One Piece chapter 994 went live, and it was there fans watched Yamato meet Momonosuke for the first time. It was there Kaido's kid protected the boy and Shinobu from their father's lackeys. As the chapter went on, fans learned more about Yamato's infatuation with Oden, and the hero vows to protect Momo with their life.

So what is the name of this chapter? Well, it seems to be "My Other Name Is Yamato". Fans are certain this episode will be adapted in full ahead of episode 1,000. This means Yamato is going to be front and center for the big episode, and fans would not have it any other way. After all, Kaido's kid has become a favorite with readers, and Yamato is ready to woo TV audiences at last. So if you weren't hyped for One Piece episode 1,000 yet, well - maybe this will help light that spark!


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