One Piece: Episode A Promo Shares Emotional Take on THAT Infamous Death

One Piece fans were first introduced to Ace years ago, but he feels more present in the series now than ever before. His role as Luffy's older brother made him a favorite to all, and his charismatic smirk endeared him with the ladies. Of course, that means fans were very excited when they learned Ace was getting a spin-off manga based on two novels. But thanks to a new promo, fans are worried this new series will hurt them more than it thrills them.

The issue came when a promo was released for One Piece: Episode A. The manga is slated to debut later this week with Boichi overseeing the art. The manga's talent roster has fans eager to check out the manga, but thanks to this new promo, fans know the gift will bite back at them. After all, any story with Ace will end a certain way, and Boichi shared his take on the pirate's death for this promo.

You can see the spread down below but brace yourself for the feels. This promo will help you decide how intensely you must prepare yourself to read this manga. As you can see, the spread shows Ace and Luffy embracing as a war of fire and smoke surround them. Ace is leaning on his younger brother who looks shocked by the events, and Luffy's hand is covering the massive hole that punched through Ace.

Of course, the older pirate is covered in sweat from the flames, but fans can see a tear streaking down his cheek. With his brother's hat in hand, this moment shows Ace sharing his final words to Luffy, and the scene is hard to witness. The hero's death was hard enough to handle in the manga and anime as is; There is no telling how brutal the event will be when handled from Ace's point of view. So if you have the time, make sure to stock up tissues when this manga debuts later in the month.

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