One Piece Reveals the True Name of the Grand Line's Last Island

One Piece revealed the true name of the Grand Line's last island! The anime has been spending the last several weeks in the midst of a new flashback not only exploring Oden Kozuki's past in Wano, but his past of crossing paths with the likes of Whitebeard and Gol D Roger's crews during their prime as well. The newest episode of the series continues Oden's journey as a temporary member of Roger's crew, and it details how Roger was able to successfully find and translate the final Poneglyphs thanks to Oden's help.

Thanks to finding the necessary Poneglyphs during their journey, Roger and his crew were able to pinpoint the location of the real final island. Making the first round trip across the seas in pirate history, Roger was officially crowned the King of the Pirates. It was this final island that was kept a mystery, however, but one major element of it was revealed at last. The story behind its true name, Laugh Tale.

The final island has been mentioned in the series before, but has gone through several different romanizations since its first debut. Dubbed "Raftel" and the like through its references in the past, the newest episode of the series has officially declared the final island's name is "Laugh Tale." Not only do we get to see it in full at episode's end (spelled out in English as well), but the story behind it further emphasizes it.

It's revealed through Oden's narration that when finding the final island all of the mysteries of the past had been revealed such as the events of the 100-Year Void, the ancient weapons, and the People of D, but in the face of all of that (and an extraordinary treasure Oden teases), Roger and his crew could only laugh with the full force of their spirits. Roger even jokes that Joyboy's journey was such a funny story that he decides to name the island "Laugh Tale" in honor of it and the laughs they had that day.


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