One Piece Brings Gold Roger's Most Iconic Moment to the Anime

One Piece may be moving along with a big battle in the manga, but the anime just wrapped up a very different sort of arc. After making it halfway through Wano, the saga introduced its take on Oden's flashback arc some time ago. Now, the story has come to an end, and it did so by bringing one of Gold Roger's most iconic moments to life.

If you are caught up on the One Piece anime, then you will know what's up. The whole thing went down at the end of episode 968 as Roger's crew made its way to the end of the Grand Line. The group was able to reach the region's fable end. It was there fans watched as Roger discovered the island's treasure, and the discovery made fans emotional.

Of course, the treasure was not revealed to fans, but Roger's reaction was enough to make audiences weepy. Netizens watched on as Roger laughed with tears in his eye at the gift. His crew and he were left overjoyed by the discovery, and it even prompted Roger to name the island Laugh's Tale. So of course, One Piece fans have started speculating what might be hiding on the island.

With this flashback arc over, the anime promises to resume its take on the Wano saga, so it seems some big things are coming their way. Kaido and Orochi will soon come face-to-face with the rebel forces hoping to reconnect Wano with the world. And if Luffy gets the chance, he will get some payback on Kaido for their battle earlier in the saga!

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