One Piece Cliffhanger Sees Luffy Declare All-Out War

One Piece had Luffy declare an all-out war with the cliffhanger from the newest episode of the anime! As the anime officially kicked off the war on Onigashima, it's also setting the very important stage for what's to come with its milestone 1,000th episode. The war for Wano Country has been unfolding for the better part of two years in the anime, and while there's still very much to cover considering what has happened in the manga's version of the battle, seeing the war finally kick off in the anime is a very good step further. 

While there's still no way to guess what the anime has planned for Episode 1000, the cliffhanger for Episode 996 of the series offers an idea of what we could expect to see in the coming episodes as the final moments of the episode saw Luffy officially declare that all out war will be breaking out now that the Akazaya Nine and the rebellious samurai have made their move against Kaido. This means that the anime will be kicking into high gear for the next string of episodes as these battles break out in full! 

(Photo: Toei Animation)

Episode 996 picked up right after the Akazaya Nine had attacked Kaido, and Luffy had been waiting for them to make their move as this was their war to start with. But now that the samurai have officially kicked off their battle, it's time for him to completely let loose. Because while Luffy had been terrible at keeping himself hidden and thus has already been fighting Kaido's forces. it's another thing altogether for the Captain of the Straw Hat crew to officially declare that it's an all-out war on the island. 

Not only that, but he declares war against Kaido, Big Mom, and anyone else who decides to step in his war. This comes moments after he and Big Mom started fighting one another, and after Kin'emon and the other Akazaya declare their loyalty to him as they believe he'll be the one to help usher in a new dawn for the region. This declaration of war will also be a boon to the pride of everyone else around, and that means the wait for Episode 1000 will be that much harder! 

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